Basle Manchester Forum (BMF)
for Skin Repair & Regenerative Plastic Surgery

Next BMF meeting Basle Oct, 12-13, 2017
Jointly organized by

Daniel Kalbermatten, University of Basle, CH & Ralf Paus, University of Manchester, UK

The BMF is a unique, international discussion and networking forum (founded 2015) that brings together surgeons, dermatologits, wound healing experts, stem cell and developement biologists from academia foundations, and industry. At its annual, by-invitation-only, free-of-charges meeting, a carefully selected, highly interdisciplinary faculty of senior research authorities and junior scientists gets together in a special location to jointly explore and discuss in a relaxed, collegial atmosphere key regenerative medicine fronties with emphasis on translationally relevant skin and peripheral nerve repair research.

The BMF aims at bridging historically grown devides between individual disciplines, to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations in this field, and to jointly define unmet preclinical research needs in this area that are most likely to impact on clinical medicine. The range of topics covered and the level of expertise that can be expected from BMF meetings is illustrated by the programmes of our 2015 and 2016 meetings (link here)

Selected presentations from the meeting are invited for publication as review articles of viewpoint essays by the BMF home journal, Experimental Dermatology